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Evernote acts as a central database for everything personal and work: I like to have a landing point for nearly everything I do.

This means that if there is a question, issue or problem, I will create an Evernote for it, place in the note all relevant information, solution or lack of and an indication of the direction taken.

It provides a base for thoughts, reflections, comments and in doing so focuses the mind on the problem in hand. And after the problem is resolved (or not) there will be a trace of what happened.

So its about being mindful of what is happening during the day, of challenges you need to get through and is a record of activity.

Sounding board

This is particularly useful in a sole trader environment, working alone, since Evernote becomes a sounding board, a mirror off which to reflect. A sole trader generally has many hats.

Recording events enables the sole trader to both record the data and stand back to analyse it. It takes the feeling out of the auto-management process and adds objectivity.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is about putting the idea down, thinking about it, letting it settle and then mobilizing internal and external resources for its resolution. Evernote is the set of cubby-holes into which you can place these problems and solutions.

The trace, the memory, is not neutral either. The value-added of a business is what it knows, its experience and Evernote can be that memory.

Unstructured information

From an information systems viewpoint, Evernote generally contains unstructured data / information, as differentiated from structured transactional data such as sales, purchasing and accounting data.

Building a memory

Evernote helps to build the recorded business experience and therefore captures the uniqueness of a business, particularly useful in a service environment where we are always looking for the next best offering.

And a shared Evernote environment can help this R&D effort by providing multiple sources for improvement.

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